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Cutter - mixer - distributor vertical trailed wagon with single auger

It is the basis of the range, but in a small way is already a big one.

The practicality of use, the mixing speed, compactness, are its points of strength.The mixing tank is equipped with two large counterknives (Electronic Cut) or at the request of the new INTELLIGENT CUT patented controlled with electronic device in time. These act in contrast to blades mounted along the perimeter of the auger, thus favoring a better cutting and mixing of the product. The screw is positioned as a cantilever without upper beam. Its movement is dueto an planetary reducer. Its special shape has been studied to ensure that duringoperation, the product follows a rotary movement from the bottom upwards, therebyguaranteeing a perfectly mixed product and, at the same time, preventing it fromspilling out of the tub during cutting. Mixing is carried out in 3-4 minutes. The resultis a light, homogenous product that has not been overheated. Our experience has ledus to construct new, electro welded H frames with bolted components and variabletowing attachment from 45 to 90cm, so as to adapt to the tractor’s hook.

The series also has:

GHIBLI FAN blower with straw for bedding
- RAPID SUPER CHICKENS & PIGS - mixer with flour. (To mix any flour, ideal for farms of chickens and pigs) that have systems augers radio controlled up to 8 mt. in height


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